Guinness World Record

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the record that has been set?

Definition of record:
The record is for the fastest time it takes to make solid ice cream of a good standard from raw ingredients at room temperature.

What time did you set?

I set the record in 10.34 seconds! (There were 3 times: 10.28, 10.28 and 10.47 seconds which averages at 10.34 seconds.)

What was the previous record?

The previous record was 18.78 seconds and is held by Peter Barham from the University of Bristol and was set in 2005.

When did we set the record

On 6th June 2010 as part of a food festival organised by Our cow Molly, a dairy farm based just outside of Sheffield. There were about 300 people there to watch the world record being broken including the Lord Mayor of Sheffield Alan Law and leader of Sheffield council Paul Scriven.

Where did you set the record?

I set the world record as part of a food festival hosted by Our Cow Molly, a dairy farm located at Cliffe House Farm, Dungworth, Sheffield, S6 6GW, just outside of Hillsborough in Sheffield.

How did you do it?

I needed to make 1 Litre of ice cream so we needed 1 litre of whipping cream, provided by Our Cow Molly, sugar and vanilla flavouring. The cream, sugar and vanilla were added to a mixing bowl (just the same as you would have in your kitchen) and about 1L of liquid nitrogen was then added with vigorous stirring with a wooden spoon. In just over 10 seconds the ice cream was pulled out of the bowl and tested by a professional chef (Chris Hawking from Sheffield College, Sheffield, UK) to prove that we had in fact made ice cream. Now for the science bit....Normal ice cream is made in a normal freezer which is about -20C, and is stirred periodically to break up the ice crystals that form. The larger the ice crystals in the ice cream the rougher the ice cream. So we used liquid nitrogen which is at -198C which is seriously cold, this means that the water inside the cream freezes really fast and as such forms small ice crystals which makes for really fast smooth ice cream.

How did you prove we had completed the record?

I had 3 timekeepers, one of which was leader of Sheffield council Paul Scriven. Each timekeeper timed the attempt after a countdown from the crowd of a few hundred people and then stopped when I lifted out the ice cream and shouted "stop". I then had a chef on hand to taste the ice cream and he confirmed that we had in fact made ice cream.

Is the record in the book?

Yes, the record is in the 2012 Guinness World Record book on page 145. It is also on the Guinness website.