What Chemistry Has Done For Me

On 31st March 2009 Andrew, as secretary of the University of Sheffield ChemSoc, organised an event in conjunction with ChemNet (the network for 16-18 year olds), called "What chemistry has done for me".

The event involved 3 short lectures, one from a postgraduate (Voirrey Robinson, University of Sheffield), one from an academic (Nathan Patmore, University of Sheffield) and finally one from an industrialist (David Wightman, Astrazeneca) each with the aim of explaining where they were in their careers and where they are going. This was then followed by a buffet and a chance to meet the representatives from the different companies. Each student that came got a carrier bag which contained pens etc and information about the RSC and the chemistry department, at Sheffield. The students seemed to have a good time and most spoke to all the representatives in an organised fashion (they went round the tables in order and spoke to almost everyone).

The whole event took a lot of organising, we invited both ChemNet students and students from schools local to the university and we ended up with 88 16-19 year olds coming to the event.  Overall it went really well and since i have had a number of emails from people who came to the event saying how much they enjoyed it and how the students got a lot out of it. The event was published in RSC news in June 2009.