If Chemists Were Allowed

On 6th June 2010, during my world record attempt I was asked to do small demonstrations to the public. The demonstrations lasted for about 10 minutes and was me playing with liquid nitrogen and solid carbon dioxide. I tried to make the demonstrations quite light hearted and try to get people interested in chemistry. I did such demonstrations as the chemists' way to chop an onion, i.e. dip it in liquid nitrogen and then smash it with a hammer (no tears here!). Also the way to create more bubbles whilst washing up, add some solid carbon dioxide to soapy water. One demonstration I did during this and during the "You're as cold as ice cream!" lecture is to discuss the freezer problem. Have you ever gone to the freezer taken out what you need, closed the door and then forgotten something and tried to reopen it? Well this is caused by a partial vacuum caused by the cooling of the warm air just let into the freezer. I do a demonstration illustration this using a flask and an egg, by sitting the egg on the flask and cooling the flask in liquid nitrogen the egg is slowly pulled into the flask, almost like magic.